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Wedding Videography, Wedding Cinematography,

Wedding Photography, Family Portraits, Events,

Based in Winnipeg Manitoba 


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 Allow me to introduce name is Denis Ankrah, a freelance videographer based in winnipeg. As long as I can remember I always had a passion for film. When I was a child I remember arranging and choreographing my G.I Joe figures to my favorite movies. My eye was the lens, and I remember creating many stories. Later on in life I tried acting and even though I enjoyed it, I felt something was missing. It was only until I reached my early twenties was when I realized my true passion was to be the creative figure behind the camera.


In 2012, I graduated from Red River College with a Digital AV Production certificate. I studied Journalism at The University of Winnipeg from 2007-2009. I have studied at The Winnipeg Film Group and Film Training Manitoba by taking a variety of courses offered over the years. I have also volunteered my services for numerous community organizations. I am committed to life long learning and growing as a person and professional.


I am married to a beautiful supportive wife who has been my rock and has assisted me through the creation of Final Phase Productions. Our home base is Winnipeg but we aspire to do a lot of traveling with our business. We believe in making this world a better place and sharing our gifts and talents along the way. 


I think everyone has a mentor or someone who creates a profound moment in ones life. For me it was a cinematographer by the name of Mark Irwin. He changed the way I view film,video, and pictures. We use these mediums to capture light, time and space. Once captured, we manipulate light, time, and space to evoke emotion, to tell a story, or to simply reminisce. These are the fundamental principles of filmmaking we live by, and these are the tools we use in our wedding videography.